I'm Kelly, a digital product designer and Seattle native. I believe in creative problem solving and good attitude.

I'm interested in novel interfaces and how design can create new and magical experiences for all kinds of people. I love web standards, game design, and design that influences and encourages social behaviors.

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Design in Interaction Design from the University of Washington and have since been working as an Interaction Designer at Microsoft. I currently work in the Windows Mixed Reality Studio, creating the next generation of augmented reality experiences.

Previously, I have worked on music and video apps with 40 million active users, led experimental design for gaming platforms, audited and improved interaction design for hospitals, branding design for nonprofits, and a lot more. I also take an active role in mentoring people new to UX or design. I work with local colleges, App Camp For Girls, and the School of Visual Concepts to teach human-centered design and web development.

When not designing experiences, I enjoy the internet, pour-over coffee, learning web standards, Dota 2, and cats. To be instant best friends, send me your favorite GIF. 

Weak against: fire.

I love a good chat over email or coffee, so please reach out!
Or for the nitty-gritty, get my resume here.