Windows 10 Store

Apps, games, music, and more for Windows 10


Interaction design, information architecture, visual design


March 2014 - April 2015


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Windows 10 was the first major release since Windows 8, and every bit of Windows was redefined to fit into the new Windows 10 context and design language. I worked with the Windows Store team, redesigning the app store from the ground up to be the best place to get apps, games, music, movies, and more on your Windows 10 devices.

Store Home

On Windows 10, the Store grew from an app store to a destination for finding and purchasing apps, games, music, movies, and more across all Windows devices. This exponential growth in catalog demanded a new information hierarchy and structure to make it easy for users to find the different types of content they're looking for, while remaining consistent in format and fitting well into the Windows app ecosystem.

The Windows 10 Store home

The Windows 10 Store home


New for Windows 10 was the merge of our apps store with our music and video catalogs, which had previously existed in their own apps. With Windows 10, we brought music purchase into the Store, with graceful handoff to our music listening apps after acquisition.

I led work on the new Music section of the Windows Store, integrating the design language of our store architecture with the particular demands of music listeners. I worked with Microsoft's content teams to establish a vibrant music storefront that's updated to keep up with the newest releases.

We also designed the music purchase experience in tandem with Groove music playback to ensure a smooth customer experience from browsing and previewing to purchase and playback of the new content in their Groove music collection. Groove's music subscription service is also recognized by the Windows Store and guides users to where they can stream music for free once they have their pass. 

The Music section of the Windows 10 Store

The Music section of the Windows 10 Store

Artists and albums

We organized the Store music section the way you would organize your music library. Artists and albums act as the key hubs for music, with rich experiences and discovery options available on each detail page.

An artist page in the Windows Store

An artist page in the Windows Store


In-process and exploratory work on the Windows Store is protected by NDA, please get in touch for more information and process documentation.